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This is a simple introduction to the various components used to work on and share data.




Building web sites can be learned in the Codcademy web sites.  I suggest beginning with html, css, bootstrap then javascript.


David Beazley - PyCon Talk on learning Python through civic coding.

Is there sewage in the Chicago River website.


The slides, data and code for this are here:

Virtual CTA Chicago on Github

Moving on to phone apps with though not sure after first week this class is going there:

So waiting on Capstone to start:

And even though I have done classes and open souce projects on this level:

Then to map things I used Leaflet

Now I should not leave out the very fun

Or The Very Fun

And I Almost Forgot this Beautiful Mess of Data and Code

Now realize I began this path into open source with more Computer Science and Math than most Masters in Computer Science have and programming in about thirty languages and four operating systems which is all to say I am just a hacker which means to find solutions I just keep  Goggling terms I hear until I find the right tutorial and then also it helps to actually touch base and get that right comment of a library or base map from one of the other Hackers at: 

We need to add here videos for Git, Github and R

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